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Roof Painting

A Part of Roof Restoration or Replacement is Painting, which instantly adds value to your house 
and give it character and appeal. It is important to keep the paintwork on your roof up to date 
for number of reasons.
1.A good paint job will prevent too much water penetrating your tiles and causing too      much moisture build up in your roof.

2.Foreign growth from leaf rot, mould or lichen will be prevented

3.A Professional Paint Job adds value to your house, and gives it a greater appeal.

Whatever circumstances you are in, we will find the right paint to do the right job for you. No operation is too big or too small for Ow Painters, who can do it all.
So if you need paint to protect against the salty air of the ocean, reflecting heat from the sun, good for rain water collection, or just a standard painting job, we will make sure it can be done and at the right price.
If you so desire we can also paint your guttering and pipes to provide the colour coded effect you desire.Online quote CLICK HERE!

We recommend this product for areas where it is required to reduce the indoor temperature.